Easy Ordering Process: 1. Measure your Columns. 2. Choose one of our Standard Cap Designs or allow us to create a Custom Cap for you. 3. Select a Color. 4. Contact us with your details to request an Estimate. 5. Provide Deposit. 6. Then, we provide Drawings. 6. Once you sign off on your Drawings, your caps go into Production!

Precast vs. Foamcore

What is the difference between your product and traditional precast, concrete building products?

Foam Column Cap

Our line of ‘foam core” building products offers many benefits including ease of installation, as our caps and piers are 95% lighter than traditional precast products, reducing the chance of job site injuries and worker’s compensation claims. In addition, our foam core product is highly versatile allowing for greater custom design capabilities, while saving you money.

What are your building products made of?

Our line of featherweight building products are manufactured using an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core. EPS is an innovative building material that is moisture resistant, termite resistant, able to withstand temperature cycling and earth friendly. The EPS foam is then encapsulated in a proprietary hard coat which makes the cap resistant to rot, moisture, heat, freeze and thaw, offering exceptional durability within a lightweight cap. Finally, the caps are sprayed with a light stucco finish (one color of your choice) to simulate the appearance of concrete.



Colors, Textures & Customization

What are the limits on colors and sizes ?Column Cap Colors

While, we are pleased to offer a diverse selection of standard designs and standard colors to choose from, there are NO limits on size, color or design for custom caps. We can manufacture a custom-cap for you in virtually any size or color. Contact us today for additional information and pricing on custom column caps.

Are samples of your textures or colors available?

Yes, complimentary samples of select textures and colors are available upon request. If you require a more complex, custom sample a small charge may apply.

What customization options are available for my cap?

We offer several options to customize your cap including: cap, texture, installation method and the ability to accommodate light fixtures.

Color & Texture Customization

All caps are sprayed one color of your choice (there are thousands to choose from) — so it is up to you whether your cap is a common white or beige or an eclectic accent piece in bright purple.  In addition, we offer two texture options – learn more here.

Entry Way Column Caps
Column Cap Installation Methods

Column, Post, Pier and Mailbox caps can be installed in one of two ways: flush mount install or recessed install. A flush mount install is most common. In this method the caps are adhered atop the column. If you are installing your cap on a new column or an area that is finished smooth – flush mount installs work well. The other alternative is a recessed mount. The cap will be recessed 1″ deep (or however deep you specify) to slide over your column. This method allows the installer to hide common imperfections such as an uneven column or unattractive base.

All Column Cap Central caps must be installed using non-petroleum based adhesives. Acceptable adhesives include PL Premium and Bostick A940. After the caps are adhered to the column, we recommend using any latex caulk of your choosing to seal around the edge where the cap meets the column, this will ensure that long term exposure to moisture doesn’t unseal the cap from the column.

Light Fixture Accommodation

We can modify any of our standard designs or manufacture a custom cap design to include substrate and a center hole to accommodate a light on your cap. While we do not offer the lights, we will place substrate at the top of the cap – so you can drill into the cap and the center hole will allow you to run your electrical wires through your cap into your column. If you plan to install lights into your column, pier or mailbox cap let us know ahead of time so we can include substrate. Due to our unique proprietary manufacturing process, you cannot drill into our caps without substrate or you will void the quality guarantee.

Order Process, Payments and Shipping

How can I place an Order?

At Column Cap Central, we make building products a breeze. You can place your order three ways; visit us online at www.columncapcentral.com, email us at info@columncapcentral.com or call 610.769.0700 to speak with a Column Cap Central sales representative.

How soon after I place my order will I receive my building products?

Standard Orders usually ship within 14 days; however, turn-around times may be longer for larger quantities and custom orders. You will be given a delivery date when you place your order.

Do you offer a more cost effective option for Column/Pier Caps?

Yes , we do. All of our caps come standard with a heavyweight poly-armor hard coat ensuring great long term durability despite excessive wear and tear. If you are looking to save money, you can save up to 30% with our economy line of caps – the same great designs with a less hard coating. The economy line of caps are meant for temporary use only and do not come with a guarantee. All permanent caps will be manufactured using our standard heavyweight poly-armor hard coat unless specified.